CADC rebutts CDMNF allegations

Kamalanagar, June 12, 2012: The propaganda and allegation unleashed by CDMNF against the CADC authority, on the issue relating to the office order, requiring all pass holders within CADC area to submit their land passes within 15 days for rectification/correction of some words in the land passes issued so far since the creation of CADC, which was published in the English daily of Newslink, Aizawl in its Issue dated 12/6/2012 under the caption, β€œMNF smells rat in CADC land reform”, is absolutely baseless and uncalled for.

The motive behind issue of such an order is not to create public unrest and unnecessary harassment and it has in no way any connection with the order issued during 2009 as alleged by CDMNF. Rather, it has been done with the sole motive to streamline and to bring transparency/efficiency in the administration of Land Revenue Department by updating the Land records as per existing rules which were amended from time to time.

In this connection, it may be mentioned here that the land passes so far issued, were done with reference to CADC (Agriculture-Land) Act 1983 or CADC (Agriculture-Land) Act 1993, whereas no such Act exist in CADC, thereby creating ambiguity about the genuineness of the passes. In fact, CADC’s Act read as CADC (Agriculture-Land) Act 1982. Besides, the paper quality of the passes issued since 1972 are very ordinary. Consequently, the passes after being used for a long time become indecipherable, requiring replacement by new passes in conformity with the existing Land Revenue Act as amended from time to time.

A huge amount was sanctioned under the Union Ministry of Rural Development, during the tenure of former Executive Committee headed by Sri Rasik Mohan Chakma, for overhauling of the Land Revenue Department of CADC. However, the fund so sanctioned was not properly utilized, inviting audit objection from the Comptroller & Auditor General of India during 2005 and as a result, spawning various land disputes around CADC and thereby, creating huge backlog which has led to crippling the administration of the Land Revenue Department and hence the need for immediate settlement by issue of new passes after proper survey for the greater public interest.

This exercise, rather than harassing the public, will address the problem of i) identifying fake passes ii) issuance of computerized passes in new format in conformity with the existing rules iii) reflecting the new rate of land revenue tax as revised from time to time iv) digitalization of land revenue records v) proper cataloguing of land revenue passes vi) renewal of passes and vii) realization of land revenue taxes from the defaulting pass holder.

It is hoped that the general public instead of being harassed will derive benefit from the exercise taken up by the CADC authority and the above fact unambiguously prove that the propaganda propagated by the CDMNF is nothing but to misguide the general public for gaining political mileage with an eye on the coming general election.