Notification inviting Sealed Tender for supply of inputs for freshwater aquaculture

The Executive Committee of Chakma Autonomous District Council is pleased to invite Sealed Tenders from capable Govt. approved suppliers (local and outside CADC) for supply of the under mentioned inputs for fresh water aquaculture to the Fishery Department, CAD as per the terms and conditions given below.

Sl. No. Name of items Amount
(Figure in lakhs)
1 Pelletted fish feeds 13.00
2 Cow dung/manures 2.00
3 Urea 0.50
4 Potash 0.50
5 Lime 2.00
Grand Total: 18.00
(Rupees Eighteen lakhs) only.

Application for the same should be submitted to the District Council Fishery Development Officer, CADC during office hours on all working days on or before 12 March’ 2024 and the sealed tenders shall be opened on 13β€³ March 2024 at 1.00 PM in the Office Chamber of the District Council Fishery Development Officer, CADC

Further the above expenditure shall be debitable out of sanctioned amount of Central Share &
State Share under PMMS Y 2023-2024 in respoct of Chakma Autonomous District Council

  1. All the expenditure in respect of labour charges and carrying charges should be borne by the Selected Approved Suppliers.
  2. The Executive Committee, CADC reserves the right to accept or reject any tenders without assigning any reason thereof.
  3. The Selected Suppliers/firms should complete the consignment within 20(Twenty) days from the date of issue of the supply order.
  4. Payment to the Selected Suppliers for the fish seeds to be supplied shall be in part payment/installments subject to release of funds from the Department of Fisheries, Mizoram.

Vide CEM aporoval of date 19.02.2024

Dist. Council Fichery Development Officer
Chakma Autonomous District Council
Kamalanagar: Mizoram