CADC taking concrete steps to develop common cremation grounds

Kamalanagar, December 29, 2023: In a significant move toward enhancing public amenities, Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma, the Chief Executive Member of the CADC and MLA of the 36-Tuichawng Assembly Constituency, led a site visit to the designated cremation ground on the outskirts of Baganpara village, today. He was accompanied by Dg. Molin Kumar Chakma, Adviser to CEM, and officials from the Public Works Department.

During the visit, the team conducted a thorough examination of the site to assess the feasibility of constructing an approach road and an RCC bridge over the Sobasalawsora rivulet to improve access to the cremation ground. The need for this infrastructure has been felt as community members currently find themselves compelled to conduct cremations on the bank of the Toijong River due to the absence of a motorable road and bridge, making it challenging to transport dead bodies to the elevated cremation ground.

Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma also revealed a future plan for the establishment of an electric crematorium facility. To materialize this plan, the CADC will enact the Management and Control of Cremation Grounds Regulation. This legislative measure, he said, is aimed at curbing the current practice of community members cremating bodies at their discretion, particularly on private lands, without consideration for public health concerns.