Sanitation meeting yields effective strategy for a cleaner environment

Kamalanagar, September 23, 2023: A crucial meeting to address sanitation issues in the Kamalanagar town area was held today at the CADC Conference Hall and chaired by Dg. Lakkhan Chakma, Executive Member in charge of Local Administration Department (LAD). It was attended by Dg. Inglon Chakma, Local Administration Officer and his staff, representatives from various branches of the Young Chakma Association (YCA), and Village Councils within the Kamalanagar town area.

The meeting was called in pursuance of resolutions passed during the Executive Committee meeting of the CADC held on September 13, 2023, for devising effective strategies in managing garbage disposal within the Kamalanagar town area. Dg. Inglon Chakma, during the meeting, outlined the key resolutions and earnestly sought the cooperation of all stakeholders in implementing these measures.

One of the significant decisions made during the meeting was the assignment of responsibility for collecting the monthly sanitation fee from households to the Branch Young Chakma Association of each Village Council area. Notably, 20% of the total collected fee will be allocated to the respective YCA branch. The Kamalanagar-III branch YCA proposed an alternative approach, suggesting the collection of sanitation fees for a full six-month period upfront, rather than monthly collections, for the convenience of both residents and collectors. In response to this proposal, the meeting resolved to leave the decision on the mode of fee collection to the discretion of individual YCA branches, taking into account local circumstances. In cases where the YCA branch is unwilling to take this responsibility, it was decided that the Local Administration Department will engage deserving individuals by providing them with remuneration.

Amid discussions, concerns were raised about certain locations within the town that are inaccessible by vehicles, which may hinder garbage collection efforts. Dg. Lakkhan Chakma assured that appropriate measures would be taken to address this issue. Concerns were also raised regarding the deteriorating condition of public urinal sheds and latrines in certain locations, leading to unhygienic conditions and unpleasant odors. The Chairman informed that the concerned authority would conduct a thorough survey of the town area and take necessary actions, including repairs or dismantling, wherever it is deemed necessary. He also said that measures would be taken to place dustbins at various locations within the town.

The Chairman concluded the meeting by urging all stakeholders, including LAD staff, Village Councils, and branches of the Young Chakma Association, to join hands in the successful implementation of these resolutions.