Wrap-up meeting of the CADC Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee held

Kamalanagar, 29 December, 2022: Dg. Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, Chairman, CADC Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee presided over the meeting. He welcomed all the members who attended the meeting. He also expressed his immense satisfaction on successful conclusion of the Golden Jubilee closing program. Expressing his sincere gratitude, he thanked all individuals who put their relentless efforts in making the program a grand success. Further, he particularly thanked all the employees, councilors, former councilors and pensioners of CADC for their generosity in contributing one-day pay towards the Golden Jubilee Fund. Without which, celebration of the closing program of CADC Golden Jubilee would not have been possible, he said. He declared in the meeting that the program was successfully concluded in a grand manner. He also made a mention of the Chakma Raja’s wish to sit for a serious discussion on creation of a virtual country for the Chakmas of the world. Putting this topic for discussion in the meeting, he requested all to express their valuable opinion on it.

Dg. Digambar Chakma, Secretary, DCS & Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee spoke exclusively on the positive impacts of the Golden Jubilee celebration. Speaking on the gain of celebrating Golden Jubilee, he said that the end of the Jubilee was the beginning of the CADC museum. Because, all the traditional wares collected for exhibition would be preserved and stowed for future reference in the CADC museum. It brought us many assets as well, he said. He specifically mentioned the following. 1. One set of 10kv generator 2. 1000 nos. of Chairs 4. 20 pieces of silpaulin 5. A set of satranjee 6. Golden Jubilee Souvenir 7. Statue of Dr. BR Ambedkar erected at New Secretariat complex 8. Golden Jubilee Memorial Stone erected at CADC Secretariat complex 9. Welcome gates at Boranasury,Kamalanagar and Longpuighat 10. A documentary on Chakma life style 11. 2 sets of sofa 12. Collection of Chakma traditional wares & handicrafts to be preserved in the CADC museum 13. 16 thousand pieces of CADC flags distributed in order to familiarize it with the people of CADC. The people of CADC were tremendously benefited with the celebration of the Golden Jubilee, he said.

Dg. B. Tarun Bikash Chakma, Assistant Secretary, Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee also expressed his deep gratitude to all who coordinated and cooperated in successful conclusion of the program, while speaking in the meeting. He presented the overall expenditure statement of the Golden Jubilee celebration. As per his statement, a total of Rs. 75,22,667/- was sanctioned against payment for expenditure of the Golden Jubilee closing program, out of which Rs.73,84,961/- was spent so far for payment of outstanding bill committed during inaugural program as well as for other expenditures. He further stated that the Committee was short of Rs.5,66,856/-(committed expenditure) which was yet to be paid.

Dgb. Jyotsna Chakma, DCSWO, CADC & Member, Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee also conveyed her sincere gratitude to all those who were involved in making the event successful. She also conveyed special thanks from her side to the Social Welfare Department, CADC who helped her team in making the ‘Exhibition of Chakma Traditional Wares’ a centre of attraction of the Golden Jubilee, and also for the grand feast arranged in honour of Raja Devasish Roy, the Chief Guest of the Day-2 program of the Golden Jubilee closing function. She also thanked the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee for bestowing its trust upon her and team for the task.

Dg. Jagadish Chakma, DCHO, CADC while speaking, raised the idea of donating used materials (such as bamboos, sun grass, etc.) to religious institutions.

Dg. Chitta Ranjan Chakma, Member, Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee also appreciated the Committee for successful accomplishment of the program. He also appreciated the initiative of publishing bilingual version of Press Release by the I&PR Department, CADC particularly Dg. Suman Chakma, AI&PRO who has incubated the notion. However, he cautioned all concerned to be vigilant about maintaining the originality of the Chakma scripts.

Dg. Sadanand Chakma, DTO, CADC, while appreciating the accomplishment, stated that performances displayed by students were outstanding which proved the completion of 50 years of CADC’s existence in the real sense. However, he wished that participants from other tribes of CADC should have been part of the program as had been there in the inaugural program. This would have reflected the unity in diversity of CADC.

In response, the Secretary, Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee clarified that the teams of Bawm and Bru were invited to participate in the program; however, they were unable to participate on account of the impending Christmas.

At last, Dg. Chairman requested the Information & Public Relation Department to upload the detailed activity report of the Chakma Language & Scripts Development Committee of CADC to the CADC official Website.

Eventually, the meeting came to an end at 4:15 P.M. with thanks from the Chair.