Chairman, CADC urges youth to make use of social media for productive purpose on Republic Day

Kamalanagar, 26 January, 2022: Dg. Buddhalila Chakma, Chairman, Chakma Autonomous District Council on the occasion of celebration of 73rd Republic Day of India, organized in the premises of CADC secretariat, urged the youths to make use of social media for productive and beneficial purpose and refrain from destructive engagement. The appeal comes in the backdrop of rampant and unrestricted use of social media in the recent time to abuse and disrespect individuals with fake accounts.

While noting that there has been an alarming drop in respect for elders and for each other in the society, which otherwise use to be the hallmark of the Chakma society, he urged the Education Department, CADC to make emphasis over moral teaching in schools. He expressed regret and apprehension over the trend and felt the need to act to restore the moral fabric of the society that is ever taking a downhill trajectory.

The celebration programme has been curtailed and kept low key in view of the Covid pandemic that has seen a surge in positive cases recently. Invitees to the programme has been limited with only leaders and head of departments taking part.