Education Officers of Primary School Education and Middle School Education take a day long tour to see reopening of schools in CADC

Kamalanagar, 09 November, 2021: Dg. Durjoy Chakma, Education Officer, Middle School Education and Dg. Gana Chandra Chakma, Education Officer, Primary School Education today took a day long tour to visit schools along the Toijong valley to oversee and ensure reopening of schools after a prolong gap of closure due to the pandemic which lasted for more than one and half years.

The pandemic has cost the loss of one complete academic year (2020-2021) for a whole generation of students and we are already into half of the current academic year with schools shut down. Online classes though ordered a few months back were a setback in the backdrop of poor network quality and coverage within CADC. Besides, majority of the guardians could not afford mobile phone for their wards.

Schools have been allowed to open just recently from 3rd of this month in Chakma Autonomous District Council after a series of meeting with all stake holders. To this effect a notification was issued by Education Departments, CADC with advisories to be adhered to, by the schools in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has been made possible with the district authority issuing a general notification outlining conditions for reopening of schools within the district.

Today, the two officers met the students and the teachers on duty. Teachers still not reporting for duty were sought. Problems and issues were discussed. Response of students and rate of student turn out were assessed. Availability of text books was enquired and teachers have been requested to submit requirement at the earliest.

The teachers were also urged to cooperate with the appointees engaged for the National Achievement Survey of Ministry of Education scheduled on 12th of this month to assess the learning achievement of children.

Schools under construction funded by NEC encountered along the way were also inspected and work progress was assessed.