Corrigendum to Tender Notification : Construction of Schools

In Paragraph 4 (four) of the tender notice vide order No.9/2020 of date 7/12/2020, conveyed under Memo No.G.12016/62/2020-2021/CADC-EDN(P/S)/118 of date 7/12/2020, the sentence appeared as

The Earnest Money has to be in form of fixed deposit/deposit at call, etc. in favour of Education Officer, Primary School Education, Chakma Autonomous District Council, Kamalanagar, Mizoram

should be read as

The Earnest Money should be in the form of Treasury Challan. Demand Draft of a scheduled bank or form of deposit at a call receipt of scheduled Bank guaranteed by the Reserve Bank of India pledged in favour of Executive Secretary, Chakma Autonomous District Council, Kamalanagar“.

Education Officer
Primary School Education
Chakma Autonomous District Council