Constitution of Tender Selection Committee

In pursuance of the invitation of Tender floated under order No.9/2020 of date 7/12/2020, conveyed under Memo No. G.12016/62/2020-2021/CADC-EDN(P/S)/118 of date 7/12/2020, the Executive Committee of Chakma Autonomous District Council is pleased to constitute Tender selection committee with the following persons with immediate effect.

1. Chairman:Executive Secretary, CADC.
2. Member Secretary:Education Officer, Primary School Education, CADC.
3. Member:1. Planning Development Officer, CADC.
2. Education Officer, Middle School Education, CADC.
3. Shri K. Kamal Chakma, Assistant Engineer, PWD, CADC.

Chief Executive Member
Chakma Autonomous District Council