CADC celebrates 74th Independence Day with restrain amidst covid-19

Kamalanagar, 15 August, 2020: Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, still looming large Chakma Autonomous District Council celebrated India’s 74th Independence Day with restrain avoiding mass participation and observing protocols that are in force like maintaining social distance and wearing mask.

Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma, Chairman, CADC in the early morning, hoisted the National Flag in the premises of CADC Secretariat in the presence of leaders and Heads of offices of CADC.

The Chairman in his Independence Day speech said the difficulties due to coronavirus pandemic has hampered developmental activities and implementation of policies for the welfare of the people.

“Notwithstanding, the present Executive Committee has executed the Voluntary Pension Scheme which has brought in fresh and energetic employees in place of aged staff; metalled the approach road to dumping ground with PCC concrete; purchased a new vehicle for disposal of garbage and set aside Rs.50 lakhs for construction new LAD office building”.

He further added that Rs.4.39 Crore has been allocated for CADC under 15th Finance Commission which shall be utilized to create community welfare assets.

“The CADC’s Budget session which could not be held in due time due to the prevalent pandemic has been very productive”, he said.

“The session has passed the CADC (Salaries and allowances of Chief Executive Member and Executive Members) (Second Amendment) Bill 2020, the CADC (Salaries and allowances of Chairman and Deputy Chairman) (Second Amendment) Bill 2020, the CADC (Salaries and allowances and pension of Members) (Third Amendment) Bill 2020, the CADC Secretariat (Recruitment and Condition of services) Bill, 2020, the CADC Technical Service (Group A & B posts) Recruitment Bill, 2020 and the CADC (Forest) (Amendment) Bill, 2020”.

The celebration of the Day organised by the Chawngte Sub-Division Office in the compound of Baptist Boarding School was attended by Pu S. Kaptluanga, SDO(C), Chawngte as Chief Guest besides other heads of offices of Kamalanagar and Chawngte area. The school compound has been chosen as venue for the programme to avoid crowding by the public.

The SDO speaking stated about the grim situation we are passing through due to coronavirus pandemic and aggression posed by some of our neighbouring countries. He has appreciated the velour of our soldiers in confronting the enemy soldiers of our neighbours.

“To alleviate the suffering of the people in distress due to Covid-19 the government has been providing financial assistance under PMGDY and PM Kissan and by creating opportunities for employment under MGNREGS”.

He further stated that in spite of the hardship due to the pandemic the Chawngte-Ajasora road under PMGSY and Udalthana-Gulsingbapsora road under BADP will be completed within this year.

He has urged for communal harmony and mutual respect for each other’s religion and tradition while stating that Kamalanagar-Chawngte is lived by Chakma, Lushai, Lai, Bawm, pang and Tripuri people.

He also spoke about the announcement made by the government of India about the new education policy that is likely to come into effect very soon.