Chawngte Town Development Committee formed

Meeting with all village representatives and NGOs for Town Development Committee formation

Kamalanagar, 13 March 2019: Chawngte Town Development Committee was formed today on Adhoc basis with Pu S. Kaptluanaga, SDO(C), Chawngte as its Chairman, in a first ever meeting of all the Village Councils and NGOs of Chawngte area called under the aegis of CADC.

Dangu Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC who presided over the meeting explained that for development of Chawngte Town as a single unit, participation, cooperation and coordination of all the stakeholders was indispensible while asserting that Chawngte town has a unique characteristic with three towns in three different RD Blocks located in two different districts. He urged for a united force to pursue welfare and developmental agenda.

Participants in the meeting of the Town Development Committee

During the course of the meeting many areas of joint concern like sanitation, clean Chawngte town, protection of rivers and forest areas, developmental activities pertaining to roads, electricity, water supply and maintenance of law and order in the town were particularly raised. The CEM, CADC expressed concern over unregulated extraction of stone and sand from the river beds of river Tuichawng and Chawngtelui, extensive exploitation of the rivers for fish, etc. and deforestation of the catchment areas. He, however, appreciated the Mizo people residing Chawngte-L and Chawngte-P for their success in preserving forest areas and rivers on their sides. The SDO while speaking stated that his own experience in Chawngte brought him face to face with a very unique problem with regards to many government services like electricity, civil supply and roads which are being dealt by the offices in Lunglei district although Chawnte RD block is in Lawngtlai district.