Governor orders for floor test of Chakma Autonomous District Council

Kamalanagar, January 17, 2019: The Governor of Mizoram in a notification issued today ordered for a floor test of Chakma Autonomous District Council to be conducted tomorrow. The floor test will be conducted by the Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai District.
The notification has been served to end the political embroglio that has been witnessed since a couple of months.

In the recently concluded CADC Winter Session held from 15th – 16th January the Chairman and Chief Executive Member were removed in succession in two consecutive days through no-confidence motions.

The opposition MNF with 7 MDCs gained in numerical strength with 4 Congress MDCs crossing over to the MNF and the MNF taking advantage of its new position engineered the manoeuvre to remove the Chairman and the CEM. Following the removal of the CEM and thereby the Executive Committee, the MNF Legislature Party comprising of 11 MDCs staked claim to form the new Executive Committee with Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma as CEM.

While the BJP and the Congress in CADC alleged foul play and expressed grievances with the Governor.

The political instability of the CADC started with the resignation of six Executive Members of 10th CADC when the Mizoram Assembly Election held in November was closing in. This was followed by withdrawal of support from the United Legislature Party by seven Congress MDCs. The United Legislature Party was formed between 5 BJP MDCs and 7 Congress MDCs to overcome the fractured manadate of CADC General Election held in April 2018.

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