Stay order on declaration of Kali Kumar Tongchangya as MDC uncontested vacated and writ petition dismissed; oath administered as MDC

Kamalanagar, June 26, 2018: In a new development Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya who was declared MDC uncontested by the Returning Officer of the CADC General Election’ 2018 held in the month of April and subsequently stayed by the Guwahati High Court, Aizawl Bench took oath as MDC today following vacation of its interim order and dismissal of the writ petition against the declaration of the Returning Officer.

Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai Pu. N. Chakkai came down from Lawngtlai and conducted the administration of oath to Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchnagya. Acting upon the judgment of the Hon’ble Court the State Election Commission had issued a direction to the DC, Lawngtlai to administer oath to the elected member as prescribed in the CADC(CCB) Rules, 2002.

Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya was declared MDC uncontested by the Returning Officer when the nominations paper of Dg. Sumir Tongchangya, his only opponent, was rejected on the ground that the nomination paper was seconded by a government employee of CADC.
Dg Sumir Tongchongya aggrieved by the decision filed a writ petition with the Guwahati High Court, Aizawl Bench and stay was ordered by the court on 10/4/2018 till further hearing.
The case was heard on 19th June’ 2018 and judgment was pronounced on 22nd June’ 2018.

With the case of Kali Kumar Tongchangya disposed the Congress’ tally of its MDCs in the 20 Member strong council stands at 7 while that of the MNF at 8 and the BJP at 5.