CADC Budget 2018 presented; Discussion and voting on May 21, 2018

Kamalanagar, May 17, 2018: Dg. Shati Jiban Chakma, CEM, CADC presented the first Budget of 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council for the fiscal year 2018-19 in the second sitting of the CADC Budget Session which started on May 14. The budget will be discussed and voted on May 21, in the final sitting of the Budget Session while giving the Members time to study it.

The budget has been presented for an amount of Rs.86.5916 Crores out of which 79.4581 Crores is earmarked for salary and the rest of Rs.6.0824 Crores plus expected local revenue receipt of Rs.1.0511 Crore to meet administrative cost and to take up some developmental works. This accounts for a salary component of 91.762% against a work component of 8.238% which includes the share of administrative cost.

In his budget speech, the CEM highlighted some of the works that has been featured in the budget like construction of water reservoir near Mineral water plant, publication & distribution of CADC diary, purchase of recovery boat, boat for CADC lake, construction of jeepable/pedestral around CADC lake, financial assistance to 320 piggery & poultry farmers, purchase & distribution of sports materials, conduct of CADC trophy, supply of teaching materials to adult learners and school teachers, conduct of Chakma language proficiency exam with training, conduct of merit scholarship and purchase of vehicle.

Under MDC LAD fund each MDC will get 5.00 lakh to develop their constituency. The budget made provision for an increase of 3% D.A. rate for the employees of CADC.

The deficit in salary carried over from the last financial year shall be met from the current budget, the CEM said in his speech and said that enough fund has been provisioned under salary to fill up some vacant posts for smooth functioning of various departments.

The budget also made provision for fund to increase the number of Old Age Pensioners by 250 persons.
In addition to the presentation of the Budget 2018-19, the CEM presented the Supplementary Demand for Grants, 2017-18 and Re-appropriation of Local receipts Fund, 2017-18. The total allocated amount in the Supplementary Demand for Grants, 2017-18 is Rs.10.479 Crore which accounts for Rs.8.00 Crore under normal Grant-in-aid for developmental works, Rs.27.30 Lakh under RKVY for creation of capital assets and Rs.2.206 Crore being Grant-in-aid for excluded areas for creation of Capital assets. The CEM during his presentation informed the Council that the fund was already received by the previous Executive Committee and different works have been undertaken by the then Executive Committee which are under process of implementation. He assured to ensure implementation of the said works.

The CEM presented the accounts of receipts and expenditure under Local receipt Fund, 2017-18 for an amount of Rs.1.003 Crore.

Receipt Head Amount (Lakh Rs.) Total Expenditure Head
Salary Work Component / Admin Cost
State Grant-in-aid 2240.51 Rs.8659.16 Lakh Rs.7945.81 Lakh (91.762%) Rs.713.35 Lakh (8.238%)
Grants under State Finance Commission Award 6171.72
Local revenue expected receipts 105.11
State Grant-in-aid for village councils 141.82