Winter Session of CADC Held

Kamalanagar, December 11, 2017: The Winter Session of CADC was held and concluded today with one sitting. The session may be considered the last session of the 9th CADC given the General Election to 10th CADC due in 3 to 4 months’ time.

The sitting discussed one starred question put by Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma of the MNF party and 6 unstarred questions, of which one was put Dg. Laxmi Bikash Chakma of the BJP and the rest by Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma.

Dg. Amit Kumar Chakma, CEM placed the Report of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India on the accounts of CADC for the years 2009 to 2014-2015.

In addition to the list of business for the day, all MDCs were allowed 5 minutes each to address the House. It was an emotional moment for all the members with pin drop silence engulfing the House.

The Session was special in the rare circumstances it was held without the Executive Committee formed. While the CEM was appointed and sworn to his office on 9th November, the 7 Executive Members are still to be inducted. Immediately assuming office, the CEM submitted recommendation to the Governor for induction of the Executive Members, approval of which is being still awaited.

The session was concluded with Maitree Bhabana administered by Dg. Amar Smriti Chakma, MDC followed by photo session.