4 Executive Members of CADC Tendered Resignation

Kamalanagar, 24 April 2017: In a turn for a new political development four Executive Members of Chakma Autonomous District Council resigned from their office today. There are eight Executive Members including the Chief Executive Members. The reason for their resignation is yet to be ascertained but it is believed the move is to install a new CEM.

The five Executive Members who resigned include Dg. Amit Kumar Chakma, i/c Taxation, etc., Dg. Susen Chakma, i/c Forest & Environment, etc., Dg. Chitra Kumar Chakma, i/c Road & Transport, etc., and Dg. Amar Smriti Chakma i/c Primary School Education, etc.

The four Executive Members went to Aizawl accompanied by some colleague members presumably to exhibit strength of numbers.
This term has seen three CEMs in Dr. B.D. Chakma, Dg. Buddhalila Chakma and Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya, the incumbent CEM. Dg. Buddhalila Chakma took over from Dr. B. D. Chakma when the later go t elected to Mizoram Legislative Constituency from Tuichawng AC. Dg. Buddhalila Chakma got replaced by the present incumbent CEM when he lost confidence of majority of his colleague members. Dg. Buddhalila Chakma losing trust of his colleagues have been allegedly triggered by the incident of police firing against a group of agitating students where a student got killed.

The internal unrest within the Congress party of CADC is getting stronger every passing day. It started with veteran leader Dg. Nirupam Chakma deserting the party in the midst of this term and joining the BJP. This was followed by Dg. Buddhalila Chakma losing confidence of his colleague members and getting deposed from the office of CEM. The blame game that ensued after the debacle of the Mondirasora by-election which the BJP won is another instance. The next MDC General election is hardly 3 quarters of a year away and it does not seem to deter an attempt to unseat the incumbent CEM is enough to suggest the rift divide is very intense.