Gauhati High Court set aside the dissolution order of Borapansury-I Village Council

Aizawl, 8 Feruary 2017: The Gauhati High Court Aizawl Bench set aside and quashed the dissolution order of Borapansury-I Village Council issued by the Executive Committee of CADC on the charges of irregularities, corruption and misappropriation of Public money. Aggrieved Shri Dhal Kumar Chakma, VCP and six other members challenged the dissolution order in the Guahati High Court, Aizawl Bench and a case was registered under WP(C) No.204 of 2016.

The impugned order was set aside on the ground that reasonable opportunity was not accorded to the said Village Council to explain themselves of the charges so framed.

In a press release over the court verdict the CDMNF came heavily on the CADC authority and stated, “District Council under the leadership of Kali Kumar Tongchangya dissolved the democratically elected village council of Borapansury-I on 28th October, 2016 on whimsical and manufactured ground.”
“Hon’ble Justice MR Pathak has passed judgment order on 8th February, 2017 declaring the dissolution order was illegal and thereby the order was set aside and quashed. The MNF District Headquarters: Kamalanagar appreciates the judgment order and expressed their happiness as justice has prevailed.”
The District MNF also observed that the present Executive Committee of CADC is very naïve and immature.

“They have no respect towards democratic principles of the country which is very shameful for the entire Chakma community for having such unscrupulous leader in the person of Kali Kumar Tongchangya and his other cronies.”

The MNF District Headquarters also observed that since last two years the Executive Committee of CADC has been trying to dissolve non-congress village councils in CADC.

“Presently also inquiries are being conducted against the Gulsingbapsora and Chottapansury Village Council. We condemn such attitude and advice the Executive Committee to refrain from such haughtiness and upheld the principle of a government.”

The judgment also made it clear that the village council members will be entitled to their monthly remuneration of which they were deprived.