CADC Winter Session Concluded

Kamalanagar, 22 Nov. 2016: The CADC Winter Session which started on 21 November concluded over two sittings in two consecutive days. The session discussed 8 questions in all, out of which 1 was starred and the rest unstarred.

Dg. Laxmi Bikash Chakma, MDC had his question on the works for construction of additional class rooms at RCM Comprehensive Middle school and construction of a water tank at Mondirasora. A sanction for construction of two additional class rooms at RCM CMS, Kamalanagar-4 had been made but works have been initiated before sanctioning was made and it so happened that foundation for four class rooms were laid which resulted in mismatch of quantum of works and amount of funds sanctioned. Currently, the works is lying in a state of about to be completed. It was informed in the floor of the house that the contractor has resumed work again.

Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma, MDC raised questions on the various works being executed by CADC such as blacktopping of Longpuighat-Kukurduleya Road, construction of CADC Secretariat, construction of CADC Session Hall and Modernization of Kamalanagar Town Project. The CEM, CADC Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya informed the house that all the contractors working on the Longpuighat-Kukurduleya had been called in a meeting and were asked to resume work as soon as the monsoon gets over and assured that work will pick up very soon.

As for the construction of CADC Secretariat and CADC Session Hall for an estimated amount of Rs.11 Crore he said works could not be completed as all sanctioned fund have not been released. The final installments comprising of Rs.2 Crore and Rs.0.68 Crore got lapsed. He said the lapsed amounts are being pursued for re-allocation under 14th Finance Commission.

Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma came heavily on the authority of CADC naming various works under Modernization of Kamalanagar Town Project like construction of buck bridge, embankment, etc. which he alleged are far from complete and yet have been shown as complete in the Quarterly Progress Report. The CEM, CADC replied that since release of the 3rd installments is awaited the various works under the Project shall remain incomplete till then and will be completed as soon as the remaining funds are available. He also recalled the Governor who was recently in Kamalanagar, having expressed satisfaction over the progress in works being done around Kamalanagar. Rs.397.76 lakhs as 3rd installment of the Project are stalled because of observation made by the technical team from the Ministry of DoNER.

Dg. H. Amaresh Chakma also asked if there are any due on payment of salary to the CADC employees and he was supplied with a written answer. The due on payment of salary under non-plan sector is Rs.443.36 Lakhs which constitutes salary for one month and around eight days. While under plan sector the due is for about Rs.106.33 Lakhs which accounts for about 24days of salary. The CEM in reply said budgetary deficit is not a peculiarity of only CADC. States and other governments all suffers from deficit in budget. He said, β€œthe state government have been already approached by the three ADCs for making up the deficit in salary by means of additional grant and we are very hopeful.”