Adult Education Dept. Conducts Awareness Campaign On Literacy Drive

Kamalanagar,9 Dec. 2016: In an effort to fight illiteracy in CADC the Adult Education Dept, CADC Dg. organised a awareness campaign on total literacy drive at KMM Comph. M. School. The literacy rate of CADC as per census 2011 is 46% against the state average of 92%.

The programme was attended by Dg. K.K. Tongchangya, CEM, CADC, Dg. Dayal Chandra Chakma, Chairman, CADC, Dg. Jyotirmoy Chakma, President, CYCA, Officials from CADC, teachers, animators and village council leaders.

The Adult Education Officer, CADC Dg. Chitrasen Chakma informed that 15 villages have been identified for this year for conducting literacy drive with the help of animators. One animators will get 10 adult learners for which they will get a honorarium of Rs.3,000. There is a prescribed syllabus for the drive, he said. The learners will have to score minimum of 50 marks out of 100 and the exam will be conducted by January 2017. The successful learners will be certified jointly by the VCP, Br. YCA President and the animator.
Chairman, CADC speaking in the program referred to their meeting with the Governor, Mizoram who had expressed his concern over the very low profile of literacy in CADC.
CEM, CADC suggested to hold review meeting in every 10-15 days among the VCP, Br. YCA President and Animators to asses the progress and the problems faced by the animators so that new approach may be adopted to achieve the best outcome.
He said, โ€œThe BDO Pu Lalfakzuala may help in the literacy drive program and take up some villages on his capacity.โ€

While requesting all present to spread awareness on HIV+ he said, โ€œThere is confirmed report that number of HIV+ people in CADC are going up day by day. All must chip in to spread awareness about the dreaded disease of AIDS before it is too late.โ€
He also said with the age of digitization picking up pace it has become imperative to maintain uniformity of records of name, date of birth, address, etc. in the birth certificate, Addhar Card, ration card, voter ID, job card, bank pass book, etc.

CYCA President requested the animators to overlook the value of the monetary benefits their service in the literacy drive offers. โ€œThe job of the animators is indeed very hard and need enormous care and patienceโ€, he said.
Dg. Bimal Kumar Chakma, VCP, Kamalanagar-III shared that he has known many ATMs of illiterate persons who have used thumb impression as their signature have been blocked.