CADC Executed The Agreement Signed With The NGOs; NGOs Protest Is Politically Motivated

Kamalanagar, 29 September 2016: The procession taken out on 27/9/2016 by the Joint NGOs comprising of Young Chakma Association and Mizoram Chakma Student Union against alleged non-fulfillment of the agreement signed between the NGOs and CADC authority is purely motivated by political interest.

CADC has executed the agreement fully. All the appointments except one as per the agreement signed between the Joint NGOs (YCA and MCSU(C)) have been terminated. The one whose service has not been terminated was found to be not falling within the period of appointments that the NGOs made their demand for termination.

The point number 1 of the agreement states, β€œAll 20 fixed pay, MR and contractual appointments made from January 2015 shall be terminated as per demand of the NGOs made through the Memorandum submitted on 7th July 2016. (List attached).”

The only staff, whose appointment was not terminated, has her appointment made by the previous CEM, CADC Dg. Buddhalila Chakma on 6th February 2014 which means the appointment was done before the period of demand of the NGOs i.e. January 2015. The NGOs allegation that CADC authority has not executed the agreement is false and is politically motivated.

Since taking over the office of CEM, CADC on 29th September 2015 Dg. Kali Kumar Tongchangya terminated as many as 64 appointments prior to signing the agreement.