Meeting Of The Syllabus And Text Book Committee Held

Kamalanagar, August 30, 2016: A meeting of the Syllabus & Text Book Committee, a Sub-Committee under District School Education Board (DSEB) was called on 30/8/2016 by the Secretary, DSEB, Dg. Ganachandra Chakma in his office chamber to prepare a new Syllabus and the CCE Work Plan. The meeting was presided by Dg. Sushil Kumar Chakma, President, DSEB.

Dg. Amarsmriti Chakma EM i/c Primary School Education, Dg. Parimal Chakma, EM i/c Middle School Education and Dg. Ranga Mohan Chakma, EO, MSE attended the meeting besides some other officials of Education department and some headmasters of the Kamalanagar town area.

The meeting while reconstituting the Syllabus and Text Book Committee entrusted it to prepare a new Syllabus and CCE Work Plan. At present schools in CADC are following the Syllabus and CCE Work Plan prescribed by SCERT.

The meeting felt that the Chakma text books which are being taught in schools under CADC from class-I to VIII needs reviewing. The books have not been revised rigorously since they have been introduced. As many as 10,000 copies of Chakma Text Books for different classes and 10,000 copies of Grade cards have been printed this year.

The learning of the Chakma language subject have been introduced without provision for learning its grammar because of absence of any book on Chakma grammar. A ‘Chakma Grammar’ authored by Dg. Anantasen Chakma in its manuscript form was proposed to be placed for consideration of the Chakma Script and Language Development Committee.

It was also decided that the Chakma Guide Book ‘Changmah Legar Bhettatta’ written by Dg. Jayan Chakma shall be ordered for re-print in a new edition under the copyright of the author.

The Chakma Language Proficiency Training and Examination introduced with the introduction of the learning of the Chakma language subject in schools to certify Chakma subject teacher, could not be continued after some years because of paucity of fund. It has been felt that the exercise need be re-introduced.

In order ensure every school strictly follow the prescribed syllabus and CCE Work Plan Common Examination Question papers will be introduced for class-IV and class-VIII from the next academic Session 2017-2018. The Question papers will be prepared and supplied by DSEB. A G.K. subject from class-IV to class-VIII will be considered for introduction.