Chakma Council Passed Budget on Vote on Account (2016-17)

Kamalanagar, 17 July, 2015: The Monsoon session of Chakma Autonomous District Council which started on 15th concluded today. The sitting discussed and voted the Vote on Account on estimate of expenditure for the period upto October, 2015.

The Vote on Account presented on the first sitting on 15th made an estimate for an expenditure of Rs.981.71 Lakh and Rs.1751.83 Lakh under plan and non-plan sector respectively. A lion share of the estimate of Rs.2658.87 Lakh is for payment of salary to staff. Only a meager Rs.74.67 Lakh is left for disposal to take up administrative and developmental activities.

The CEM, CADC Dangu Buddhalila Chakma during the budget discussion told the House that he apprised the State Government regarding the financial position of the Council. The Council was assured of all help by the State Government to overcome its financial constrain, the CEM said and told all possible avenues shall be explored.

The question hour discussed four unstarred questions placed by Dangu H. Amaresh Chakma.Of the 24 members 17 attended the sitting.