CADC Authority and NGOs Reached A Consensus On The Various Demand Being Made By the NGOs

Kamalanagar, 14 July 2016: The CADC authority and the NGOs finally clinched a consensus over the various demands the NGOs (YCA and MCSU) have been pressing the CADC government to accede to.

Consensus was reached only after two meetings held for two consecutive days from 14/7/2016. The first meeting did not yield much of any significance. The NGOs submitted a new petition following the first meeting with the following set of demands to be fulfilled on or before 17/7/2016:

  1. Appointment of PA and PS on co-terminus basis.
  2. Revocation of change of designation and regularization order of PA and PS.
  3. Revocation of LDCs, Accountant and CS order appointed during the period of September 2015 to July 2016.
  4. Sweeper, Chawkider and office peons to continue duty till their contract periods and no extension to be made.
  5. All further appointments to be made through proper recruitment.

A second meeting was called on Friday last where after a marathon discussion a consensus was reached bringing an end to the dead lock. The agreement so reached in the joint meeting marks a milestone in the history of CADC towards progressive policy. As agreed in the joint meeting all categories of appointment henceforth to be made to posts above 4th Grade shall be done by following proper procedure like advertisement and interview irrespective of whether the appointment is done on regular, MR or contractual basis. No regularization of contractual services shall be done henceforth. Regularization of service of 4th grade post shall only be considered after completion of minimum of 10 years service period. Appointment of all PA and PS to MDCs in future shall be done on co-terminus basis.

The agreement if observed in true spirit will be a celebration of merits. The existing system on which appointments are being made discounts the value of merits. The enthusiasm to excel in studies will receive a kick like never before. The positive outcome of this shift in paradigm shall encompass all spheres of life and the community as a whole will start benefiting. Competent, efficient and deserving candidates will get recruited to run the administration of CADC. Governance will lift irrespective of the kind of leaders get chosen and ultimately, fruits of this design will manifest itself in the form social and economic development.