Meeting Relating To Issues of 3 ADCs Held

Aizawl, 1 July 2016: A meeting on the direction of the Governor of Mizoram to address the myriad concerns of the three Autonomous District Councils was held at Secretariat Conference Room, New Secretariat Complex under the Chairmanship of Secretary to District Council & Minority Affairs Department, Mizoram Pu Biaktluanga. The meeting was attended by Secretary to Governor, Executive Secretaries of Lai, Mara and Chakma Autonomous District Councils, Liaison Officers of the three Councils and Officers from the District Council & Minority Affairs Department.

The meeting was a follow up of the meeting held on 17/6/2016 by the Governor wherein he expressed his concerns for the 3 ADCs in view of a number of representations and memorandum received.It was urged that quarterly progress report with photograph and inspection report on various projects under CSS implemented in the ADCs will be submitted in time. Ways and means to enhance revenue generation within the respective ADCs was asked to be explored.It was observed that the revenue collection in the ADCs was not satisfactory. CADC assured that revenue collection will take a jump once the β€œDawchuni” cum bottle water plant get operational.

Procedure followed in the ADCs for recruitment and promotion of all categories of employees was discussed extensively. The CADC submitted that two service Rules have been already framed and sent for the assent of the Governor and a Recruitment Rule drafted and presently undergoing law vetting. Determining the need for fixed pay employees was one of the agendum. It was remarked that the ADCs are facing problems due to lack of accounting expertise to take care of their accounts in a proper manner. The Governor expressed his desire that some staff be trained to handle the accounts of the ADCs or appoint some qualified accountants. Report on the status of education and infrastructure thereof in the ADC was taken.

The recommendation and outcome of the Standing Enquiry Commission under T. Gupta, IAS (Retd) and the draft Amendment Bill of the Sixth Schedule, 2015 were also discussed. Subsequent to the T. Gupta Commission the ADCs were entrusted with more subjects/functions in a notification dated 29/8/2011 with instruction to make provision for proportionate fund allocation from the concerned departments under the State government. The notification also directed to ensure the function so entrusted are not again undertaken by the offices of the state government to ensure elimination of duplicities of function by the state government departments and ADCs and to avoid duplicities of plan allocation in the subject entrusted.