SDO (C), Chawngte Visits Barkolok to Set Up an Amusement Park

Kamalanagar, 17 May, 2016: Yesterday, Sub-Divisional Officer of Chawngte RD Block, Pu Lalfakzuala, who is also the Block Development Officer, visited Borkolok in CADC to locate a site for setting up of an amusement park. The amusement park if set up will be one of its kinds in CADC. Pu Lalfakzuala has been posted here recently.

He was accompanied by Dangu Lakkhan Chakma, CEO, CADC, Dangu Niro Kumar Chakma, Revenue Officer, CADC, Dangu Inglon Chakma, LAO, CADC, Dangu Prabin Chakma, I&PRO, CADC and Dangu Jyotir Moy Chakma, President, CYCA.

The SDO interacted with the villagers in a Gram Sabha at Brkolok. He shared his plan to setup an amusement park in the village. Earlier, in the morning he also visited the β€˜Pitti’, a rapid in the river Tuichawng, some 3 Km from the village. The rapid has been an impediment for navigation along the river Tuichawng. Boats cannot pass through it. Transit has to take a break because of this rapid. He wants the villagers of Borkolok, Simeisury and Golasury to work under MGNREGA to smoothen the rapid. Once the rapid is leveled to some extent continuous navigation will be possible in the rainy season without having to take a break.

He also told the villagers that a road plantation programme at Borkolok will be organized once the monsoon set in. He sought the cooperation of the villagers and the branch YCA of the village in the programme.