CADC Full Budget Passed; CADC (Employees Pension Fund) Rules, 2015 Referred to Select Committee

Kamalanagar, 16 November: The CADC Full Budget 2015-16 was discussed and passed today in the third sitting of the Winter Session. The Budget was introduced in the first sitting of the Session held last Thursday by the House leader Dangu Kali Kumar Tongchagya, CEM, CADC.

The budget was earmarked by the state government for an amount of Rs.3860.00 Lakh under Non-plan and Rs.1921.33 Lakh under Plan as Normal Grant-in-aid. The projected Local Receipts is Rs.83.55 Lakh. The estimated expenditure of the Budget is Rs.4640.77 Lakh under Non-plan, Rs.2218.94 Lakh under Plan and Rs.83.55 under Local Receipt Fund which sums up to Rs.6943.26. Under the given circumstances there is a net budget deficit of Rs.1078.38 Lakh; Rs.780.77 Lakh under Non-plan and Rs.297.61 Lakh under Plan. The Budget deficit is hoped to be met out of Additional Grant on the approval of Revised Estimate 2015-16 in the later part of the fiscal year.

This year budget features a new initiative in the form of a CEM Football Trophy with fund provision for an amount of Rs.3.00 Lakh.

The Chakma Autonomous District Council (Employees Pension Fund) Bill, 2015 introduced last Friday was discussed as well and the Bill was finally referred to a Select Committee for further study which shall be taken up in the next Session.
In today’s sitting another amendment Bill titled β€˜Chakma Autonomous District Council (Salaries, Allowances and Pension of Members) (Third Amendment) Rules, 2015 was introduced by the House Leader Dangu Kali Kumar Tongchangya. There was a prolong discussion over the Bill and it was finally passed unanimously. The Bill sought to introduce amendments to Rules 12 and 14 of the principal Rules. Under the new amendments a member pensioner shall be entitle to Rs.1000.00 as medical allowances and that a disabled son or daughter of a member pensioner shall be entitled to the family pension after the death of the member pensioner.