Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Roads in Kamalanagar Town

ORDER No. 18/2015
No. 8.12026/26/2014-15/PWD(CADC)/SPA/64
Dated; Kamalanagar, the 1st July’15

The Executive Engineer, PWD, Chakma Autonomous District Council, Kamalanagar on behalf of the Executive committee of Chakma Autonomous District Council invites sealed item rate tender from the eligible and approved contractors of Mizoram PWD/ CPWO/MES/ Raiiways for the mentioned works below up to 15:00 hrs:- on 21/07/15. The tender must be accompanied by non-refundable Court fee stamps worth of Rs.7.50 onIy in case of non-tribaI and upto date HTPC in case of Tribal Tenderer.


SlNo Name of Works Package No. Estimated Cost put to tender Earnest Money Cost of bid document Period of Completion Eligible class of contractors
1 Development of Road infrastructure within Kamalanagar town in CADC MZ-CPWD-15-01 Rs. 318.89 Lakhs Non-Tribal Tribal Non-Tribal Tribal 12 Months Class-II and above
Rs. 6.38 Lakhs Rs. 3.19 Lakhs Rs. 1500.00 Rs. 1000.00

Tender will be opened at 15.30 hours on the same day. The earnest money should be in the form of Treasury Challan, Demand Draft of a scheduled bank or form of deposit at call receipt of scheduled Bank guaranteed by the Reserve Bank of India pledged in favour of Executive Secretary, Chakma Autonomous District Council, Kamalanagar and sent with the tender. Conditions and tender forrns can be had from this office upto 20107/15 on all working days. Tender forms will be issued to the appropriate class of non-PWD contractors only if they produce definite proof from the appropriate authorities having satisfactorily completed similar works.

The tenderer who does not deposit earnest money in the above manner will be summarily rejected. Other details can be had from the office of the undersigned.

Executive Engineer, PWD
Chakma Autonomous District Council,