CADC Emergency Session Called to Amend CADC Village Council Act

Kamalanagar, October 17, 2014:The Chakma Autonomous District Council in an emergency session today passed a Bill to amend the existing CADC Village Council Act. Dangu Buddhalila Chakma, CEM, CADC introduced the Bill in the house for discussion and voting.

The Bill seeks to amend Section 3(2) of CADC (Village Councils) Act, 2003 and Section 3(7) of CADC (Village Councils) (Amendment) Act, 2011. Section 3(2) of CADC (Village Council) Act, 2003 provides that the number of members of a particular Village Council shall be determined by the number of houses the village has. The proposed amendment seeks to determine the number of Village Council Members by the number of families under the village instead of by the number of houses.

Section 3(7) of the CADC (Village Councils) (Amendment) Act, 2011 states that the State Election Commission shall conduct the election to the Village Councils with the help of the employees of the CADC. The proposed amendment to the section shall provide the State Election Commission to engage the Deputy Commissioner and the Sub-Divisional Officer (C) for the purpose of the election.

The Amendment has been necessitated by the upcoming General Election to the Village Council after a term of 3 years of the existing village councils. The General Election to the 83 Village Councils of Chakma Autonomous District Council which was due on 30th September 2014 got postponed to 30th November. The new village councils after this election shall be privileged with a term of 5 years.