Sneha Kumar Chakma former CEM, MLA breathed his last

Kamalanagar, December 17: Dangu Sneha Kumar Chakma, the veteran politician more popularly known as Berebussya, died at Lunglei yesterday, who had been battling asthma for quite a long time. Born in the year 1935 at Tipperaghat, he was the eldest son of Β Dangu Duloram and Dangubi Rangabi Chakma. He is survived by two sons and three daughters born to Dangubi Potya Mala Chakma and Dangubi Mayadevi Chakma.

He was elected as MDC in the first General Election to the Chakma Autonomous District Council held in the year 1972 after its creation. He became a member of the same Executive Council and later on went on to hold the highest political post of the Council as Chief Executive Member.

He contested the General Election to the Union Territory of Mizoram from the Chawngte Assembly Constituency in the year 1979 and had remained as MLA till 1984.

He had remained active to the day to day political affairs of CADC till his last days and served as senior adviser to last body of Chakma District Congress Committee.

Besides being active in politics, he has passionately engaged a prime part of his life in promoting a traditional form of entertainment known as β€œDOLLY” and established his own mobile troupe entertaining thousands through the 80’s and 90’s before the advent of satellite TV. It was only with the advent of satellite TV and the Art & Culture Department, CADC, taking a centre stage, the popularity has started waning. He is endearingly referred to as Berebussya, a name he has earned for his engagement with the entertainment world.