CADC Winter Session Held

Β Kamalanagar, November 29:The 9th Chakma Autonomous District Council sat for the Winter Session today. All the 20 members were present in the sitting.

The Hon’ble CEM, CADC Dangu Dr. Buddha Dhan Chakma introduced an official Bill seeking to increase the number of Executive Members from five to Seven. In his statement of objects and reasons it is stated that the allocation of more subjects following the enhancement of power including Centrally Sponsored Schemes as well as the increase of the number of MDC Constituencies during the just concluded General Election to the Council made it imperative for the Bill to cope up with the increased volume of work.

The Bill was discussed for about an hour. While discussing the Bill some members raised the question as to why the number of Executive Members of the Chakma Autonomous District Council is not at par with the rest of the two other sister councils. The Hon’ble CEM explained that it is on the basis of a tradition that the number of the Executive Member of a council is decided. Accordingly, for a Council with number of members between 20 and 24, the maximum number of Executive members is 8 including the CEM. He also added that there is nothing expressed in the CCB Rule, 2002 as to the determination of the number of Executive Members of a council.

Earlier, the same bill seeking for increase of the Executive Council to 8 members excluding the CEM was sent for the approval of His Excellency the Governor of Mizoram. However, the Bill was returned for reconsideration with modification for 7 Executive Members.

The Bill was finally passed with all members voting in favour of the Bill.