Green CADC Week Launched On World Environment Day

Kamalanagar, June 5: CADC with rest of the world today celebrated the World Environment Day with the launching of Green CADC Week on the occasion. The programme organized by the Environment and Forest Department, CADC in collaboration with โ€œTarumโ€- an environmental NGO based in CADC – was flagged off by the Honโ€™ble CEM, CADC Dr. Buddha Dhan Chakma.

Councilors, employees and students gathered in hundreds early in the morning to participate in the programme which started off with planting of seedlings supplied by the Forest Department along a stretch of about 5 km road from Kamalanagar-IV to New Secretariat Complex.

In the afternoon a cultural programme was organized to mark the day. School children from different schools performed on items based on environmental theme.

The CEM, CADC speaking on the occasion spoke about the implication of Global warming over the sustenance of life on this planet. The lost of forest cover within CADC is mainly attributable to our age old practice of Jhum cultivation which he said needs to be resolved through institutionalized policy. He said it shall be the endevour of his Government to introduce control over the way how jhum is currently practiced with cooperation from the leaders of the village councils. While speaking on the occasion he also expressed his hope over the newly formed environmental NGO โ€œTarumโ€ of their contribution towards conservation and development of the environment.

Finally, at the end of the programme prizes of the inter school quiz contest conducted by Tarum earlier in the morning were distributed by Dangu Amarshriti Chakma, E/M i/c Environment and Forest. Dangu Lokkhijoy Chakma, President, Tarum made it a point that the time is running out and itโ€™s high time to swing into action rather than simply laying down Acts and Rules.