CADC Budget Session 2013-14 Starts

Kamalanagar, May 6:The first Budget Session of the 9th CADC started today. The 9th General Election to the Council which concluded recently caused a delayed budget.

The new Hon’ble Chief Executive Member, Dr. Buddha Dhan Chakma placed the budget before the house. The budget comprised of the Supplementary Demand for Grants, 2012-13 and the Demand for grants, 2013-14.

In the Supplementary Demand for grants, 2012-13 Rs.1399.01 lakh has been allocated under Plan sector and Rs.268.00 lakh under Non-Plan sector which is inclusive of Rs.1249.01 lakh under NLCPR and Rs.150.00 lakh under SCA. The Revenue collection for the year 2012-13 was 60.93 lakh against a target of Rs.98.70 lakh.

A Budgetary allocation of Rs.3195.00 lakh under Non-plan sector and Rs.1537.00 lakh under Plan sector as normal Grant-in-aid was made for the Council by the State Government for the current fiscal year 2013-14. Out of the allocated amount, Rs.351.16 lakh shall go for the purpose of developmental schemes while rest of the amount shall go to meet payment for salaries.

The Hon’ble CEM, CADC in his budget speech pledged to put his best effort to increase the budgetary allocation as and when the size of the State Annual Plan get finalized by the Planning Commission. He also made a projection for local revenue target of Rs.66.49 lakh and a collection of an amount of Rs.25.01 lakh as Employees contribution in the CADC Employees Pension Fund.

The Budget Session was adjourned till 9th May.