Kamalanagar November 29:        The 8th Chakma Autonomous District Council sat for its Winter Session’ 2012 today. This would be the last Session of this 8th Council before the General Election to the 9th Council starts early next year.

                The one hour question-hour normally kept for discussion of questions was skipped for no questions were received for discussion.

                However, three official bills, the CADC (Salaries, Allowances & Pension of Members) (Amendment) Rules 2012, the CADC (Salaries, Allowances & Pension of Chairman & Deputy Chairman) (Amendment) Rules 2012 and the CADC (Salaries, Allowances & Pension of CEM & EMs) (Amendment) Rules 2012 were introduced in the House, moved by Hon’ble Chief Executive member Dangu kali Kumar Tongchongya. The Bills seek to rationalize the pay of the councilors and pension of the former councilors with the rise in price of commodities. These Bills were earlier brought in, in the Monsoon Session of 2011 and passed. As normal practice the Bills were forwarded to Law and Judicial Department, Govt. of Mizoram for final scrutiny. After necessary corrections were made by the Law and Judicial Department, they were sent back for reconsideration of the House. The Bills were discussed at length and finally got passed unanimously.