Kamalanagar, October 13:The claim made by PRISM, Kamalanagar branch, of submitting an appeal to CADC authority, for immediate termination of Sri Padma Kumar Chakma, MST and Sri Bana Ram Chakma, UPST, SSA on the ground that both of the incumbents are in possession of fake educational certificate is absolutely baseless, which was published in the daily of The Mizoram Post on 10th October 2012. No such appeal was ever received by the authority of CADC.

However, there is no denying the fact that there is enough evidence to implicate for providing wrong information by the two officials, to the Government by submitting fake certificate with the authority of CADC in order to gain service under it. Accordingly, CADC after being tipped of about the matter took to investigate it of its own under no pressure from any third party. Subsequently, with progress on the matter, Sri Padma Kumar Chakma was issued suspension order Vide L/No.CDC-EDN(GAD)-3/2010-2011/527 dated 7.9.2012 and Sri Bana Ram Chakma being an SSA staff, his case was forwarded to State Project Director, SSA, Aizawl being the appointing authority, vide L/No.A.11011/20/2009-2010/DEC(SSA)/PT/111 dated 5/10/2012 for further necessary action. While Sri Padma Kumar Chakma though was recruited during 1995 on production HSSLC certificate which were found to be genuine but his service got upgraded on production of fake graduate certificate during the ministry of last Executive Committee headed by Sri Rasik Mohan Chakma.

It was also alleged that Sri Taranisen Chakma, Executive member i/c Primary Education who was quoted of saying that no action would be initiated against any employee of CADC working with fake certificate is totally baseless, as is evident from the course of action undertaken by CADC with the two incumbents stated above. Sri Taranisen Chakma urged PRISM, Kamalanagar branch to come up clean with their claims made in the article published in the Post.