Kamalanagar College gutted in a fire accident

Kamalanagar, August 29: In an unfortunate tragic incident the only College within CADC area and Vijoy Giri Academy, a private school in the heart of Kamalanagar town, were gutted into ashes in an unprecedented inferno. The cause of the fire could not be ascertained as of now while it is suspected that electrical short circuit seems the most probable cause.

It is presumed that the fire may have started at around 12 mid-nights. By the time alarm could be raised the fire has grown in size to the proportion that it became difficult to contain it. It was for this reason the CADC Fire & Emergency services responded late. However, it managed to check the fire from spreading to the next two schools close by. No property could be salvaged. Properties worth to the tune of Rs.3.5 crores and Rs.1.0 crore belonging to the College and Vijoygiri Academy respectively were destroyed in the fire besides all kinds of records and documents. The college had six structures constructed out of wood and tin roofing, while Vijoygiri Academy had three two-storied partial concrete buildings.

Vijoygiri Academy one of the private schools drawing the highest number of students from all over CADC, this year had enrolled about 425 students from nursery to class VIII.

Kamalanagar College is the only College within CADC area established in the year 1992 which has been catering to the aspiration of the local youths for higher studies. This year the college enrolled about 270 students in various disciplines.

No casualties were reported except a fireman who has sustained a minor injury while fighting the fire.