CADC’s Interim Budget resumed and concluded

Kamalanagar, April 2: The Chakma Autonomous District Council’s Interim Budget Session 2012-13 resumed today with the Second sitting of the Summer Session of the 8th Chakma Autonomous District Council.

The Question Hour discussed 16 numbers of unstarred questions and 4 numbers of starred questions.

The Interim Budget Estimate with allocation for fund amounting to Rs.470.00 Lakhs under Plan sector and Rs.953.00 lakhs under Non-Plan sector for the period April to July placed on Friday last, for vote on account, was discussed and debated for long.

The leader of the opposition Sri Rashik Mohan Chakma termed the Budget as anti-people.

The Budget has reflected a fund provision amounting to Rs.11.00 Crores under Centrally Sponsored Scheme for construction of new Secretariat Complex and Session Hall. It also made fund allocation to the tune of Rs.0.50 Crore towards the welfare of the economically downtrodden families. The first time Driving School started last year to generate employment opportunities for the unemployed youth, having been found to be drawing hordes of enthusiastic applicants, the budget kept fund provision to meet its increasing demand.

The Budget finally got passed unanimously with the support from the opposition bench as well.

In the evening session of the sitting an official Amendment Bill was moved by the Hon’ble Chief Executive Member for introducing use of EVM Machine in all future elections to the District Council in order to modernise the polling system and ensure free and fair election. However, after discussion it was felt that the Bill needs further study and accordingly the mover of the Bill proposed to forward it to a Select Committee to be reintroduced in the next Session, which was approved by the Chairman.