CADC Budget (2011-2012) Session concluded

Kamalanagar, 1st April’ 2011: The Chakma Autonomous District Council Budget Session’ 2011 continued into its Second and final sitting. Today’s lists of business, taken up in the sitting, were Discussion and Voting on the Budget Estimate of Rs. 3,840.38 lakhs, discussion and voting on the Supplementary Demand, 2010-2011 to the tune of Rs. Rs.913.20 lakhs and placing of reports of the Audit Committee of CADC on the Reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India for the year 31 March, 2005.

In the morning session of the day, the fund allocation made in the Budget, under different heads were discussed and debated for a long two and half hours before it got passed unanimously. During the course of the discussion the opposition voiced their concern regarding the adoption of the RTE Act 2009 in totality. They opined that under such circumstances, the Council’s powers on matter relating to Primary and Middle school education may get diluted. The power conferred under the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India, empowers the Council to legislate on matters relating to Primary and Middle School education.

The opposition also raised the issue of overlapping of fund allocation for the same work due to sourcing of funds from different sources. While the Chief Executive Member, Chakma Autonomous District Council assured them that to avoid such unwanted occurrences, the High Power Committee in the State shall be intimated and notified.

During the discussion on the Supplementary Demand, it has been suggested by the opposition, to study the head of accounts being enjoyed by members in the State Assembly under the Member Privilege Rule, so that they can be replicated here in the Council as per convenience for the benefit of the councilors. Finally, this year’s Budget Session got concluded with voting on the Supplementary Demand and the CADC Audit Committee Report, favourably.