Press Release – 12 Feb 2011

Longpuighat 12th Feb, 2011: The Hon’ble Chief Executive Member, Chakma Auonomous District Council, Shri K. K. Tongchangya inaugurated the Longpuighat Circle Education Office today. This has been the second Circle Education Office being opened within a month, the first being at Borapansury.

The whole of Chakma Autonomous District Council is divided into three Education Circles namely Kamalanagar, Borapansury and Longpuighat. The arrangement has been in place since long back but successive Governments have failed to establish the offices here. By having established the offices, Pu Tongchangya stated that they have fulfilled one of the long felt needs of the people. He also added that the offices would be of great help to see the Right to Education Act being implemented properly. Besides it would also take the administration closer to the people and thereby contribute towards decentralization of power.